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Winter 2017

    Well a new year is upon us and I’m sure it will be an interesting one in so many ways. I think I will just keep my head down and hope for the best and just keep on quilting. As for our household, we started the new year with my husband getting a new knee for Christmas, so we are in the physical therapy mode right now and can go up from there. The kids were here for the holidays and we had a lot of fun, grandkids, dogs and a lot going on it seems so quiet now. So now to get going on new projects as well as some of the usual ones we do throughout the year. A new block of the month from Kim Diehl as well as the time to clean out the sewing room, which seems to rank right up there with I’m going to lose weight after the first of the year, but we keep trying. Read on and see what new thing you can give a try. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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    New from Kim Diehl along with her Simple Whatnots club is a Block Of The Month called JOURNEY’S END. This BOM is of houses with quilt squares for the sides of the houses. Each month receive your fabric and pattern for the houses for 5 months and the 6th month the borders. Along with this you will also receive the patterns for the smaller quilts she has in her Simple Whatnots Club. Sign up soon as we will be starting on the first Friday’s, February thru July. Cost will be $25 a month for patterns with fabric.


Something new for you to try, this would fall under the I WILL CLEAN MY SEWING ROOM AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR promise. The question always is what to do with all the scraps we accumulate??? Somehow, we still don’t realize that they grow on their own when we turn out the lights at night, but never the right color or the right size. So, let’s talk about this, on the second Friday’s in February, March, April and May at 1 PM we will have a different topic each month, as well as some patterns on what to do with those scraps.
  • February 10 –Scraps, all the possibilities. 
  • March 10 -- What size do I cut them and for what. 
  • April 14 – Rulers and triangle papers pros, cons. 
  • May 12 – What about Applique, how does it fit in. 
    Now along with these talks will be some patterns for you to try and use scraps up as well as a discussion on block swaps and some of the reasons they are fun to do. Sign up soon and have fun with those scraps which is a great way to have gifts done or a way to do charity quilts for various organizations. Cost $5.


We have had a lot of fun with the Log Cabin rulers and now the Mini Pineapple ruler is out and is just as easy and as much fun. It is a great way to use the leftover strips we have and make a big or little quilt as you want. I will be giving a Demo on these rulers on these dates at 10:30 and 1:30.
  • Tuesday, January 24 and Tuesday, February 17 
Stop in and see how easy it is and start your scrap sewing marathon.


    This is for those of you who like to do hand work or would like to find out if you do like it. It is so much fun to watch a picture come to life with color. It a very portable type of work if you find yourself sitting for a period of time. Once you have your picture set up it is the same stitch to finish the picture. Blocks change as well as what can all be done on a border, a little or a lot of applique can make it elegant or primitive. Make it your own!!!

    In this class, you will make a 32 x 32 wall hanging. Learn how to set up your picture so everything is in the right spot and will all fit on as it should. How to use bias bars for stems and vines, how to make berries and keep them round. This method is called Back Basting but I will also show you a few other things that combine a bunch of different ways to make some things easier. Get your stitch perfected and it will all come together in the set up, then get some good movies and enjoy some time to make your picture come to life. This class will meet twice on Wednesday, February 8 & 15 at 1 PM. Cost is $50 includes class, pattern and fabric.