Summer 2011 Newsletter

    Spring has sprung, or at least the calendar says it has, but I’m not so sure the weather knows it. The grass is green but it is still a bit cool for me. I guess I will just keep up with quilting until it gets a little warmer and I can put the flowers in the gardens. I have given thought to the summer and things that can be done to keep us in the sewing mood. The crisis in the cotton fabric market and the prices to come are on all of our minds, but I guess I look at it this way: why should that be left out of the way things are going in today’s world. I just pray along with everything else going on, that this will soon pass and hopefully we will be better for it in the end. Isn’t there a saying “When the Lord closes a door he leaves a window open somewhere”, we just have to find it. I think we just have to keep busy and I have a few things that we can get involved with, so read on. New fabrics are coming in including of all things, Christmas and fall fabrics within the month. Read on about the Half Square Triangle swap and Sewing Machine Tune up dates. Hope to see you soon.

Sewing Machine Tune Up Dates 

    Mark your calendars to get your machine cleaned and oiled.Brian Swiggum will be here to give your machines a going over and keep them in good running order twice this summer season. Mark your calendars and put a note on your machine to remind yourself to bring it in.

  • June 14th
  • September 14th
  • $35.00
Machines may be brought in the day before, please have name and phone number on your machine.

Half Square Triangle Swap

    Half square triangle swap for 2” finished triangles is a fun way to get a variety of colors and have the fun of meeting people that also love the look of scrap quilts. There have been a number of great books out using them and I have seen quite a few I would like to try. We will be using triangle paper to do the piecing so they will all be the same size, which makes life a little easier in sewing also. The paper makes a batch of 28 triangles, make as many batches as you like and drop them off and we will mix them up and you will get as many back as you bring in. There will then be a night we will have pick up and some ideas as to the kind quilts that you can make from your triangles. If you need some incentive just look up the book Friendship Triangles by Laundry Basket quilts and you will see what I mean as to the possibilities. Stop in the shop or call (262) 723-1213 to sign up, the more the merrier, and many different triangles. Triangle paper is 50 cents a sheet for 28 Triangles. Colors, medium to dark of any color and creams for the lights. I’ll have some wrapped together at the counter if you need a start.

Turn in Date:
  • On or before Saturday, June 25th
Pick Up Date:
  • Wednesday, June 29th at 6p.m. at the shop
All this info will be on a sheet at when you sign up. See you at the swap meet…

                            Happy Quilting,

New Fabrics

  • Oasis
  • Grace - 3 Sisters
  • Antique Fair
  • Wild Rose - Blackbird Designs
  • Lilac Hill - Jan Patek
  • Civil War Reunion - Barbara Brackman
  • Grand Finale - Sandy Gervais
  • Reindeer Games
  • Natures Gift - Deb Strain
  • Northern Cardinals - Holly Taylor
  • Warm Memories - Kansas Trouble

Check Out the Stitchery and Wool Patterns         

    There has been a lot of new stitchery patterns out lately that are worth checking out, as well as what is to come at market in a couple of weeks. Give a look at the new patterns by Bird Brain Designs, Old Green Cupboard, Black Cat Creations, Nutmeg House, Buttermilk Basin, Bobbie G Designs, as well as Crabapple Hill. We also carry Weeks Dye Works Floss for your stitching. Watch for the class this summer on how to do the Crabapple Hill technique on using crayons to tint your embroidery before you stitch and give that extra hint of shading to your projects.

Summer Embroidery Color Tint Class

    Learn how to color and shade in your picture before you stitch and give it a whole new look. The flowers you do will be just as pretty as the ones in the garden. It is an all day class so bring a bag lunch or we can order out. All supplies are included, except a pair of scissors.
  • $40
  • Wednesday, July 14th
  • 10:30 a.m.

Fall Embroidery Color Tint Class

The same as above, but we will be doing a witches boot.
  • $40
  • Thursday, August 11th
  • 10:30 a.m.
All day class, bring a bag lunch or we can order out.
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